The Leading Physiotherapy Clinic in Japan


In Tokyo physiotherapy is gaining popularity especially in athletes. For more than a decade now, there has been a leading physiotherapy clinic in Tokyo. This doesn’t come as a surprise as they have state of the art equipment and excellent service that extends even to their patient’s homes through online home rehabilitation materials. They have native English speaking therapists who have been trained in the best physiotherapy universities in Australia which is regarded as a world leader in physiotherapy research and development. Their native English speaking therapists are probably the reason why for so many years now this physiotherapy clinic has been the preferred sports physiotherapy Tokyo clinic of expatriates and athletes.


Sessions at the clinic are always one-to-one. This is to ensure that the patient will get the undivided attention of the therapist. Each booked session lasts an hour. In every initial session the history of the patient will be taken and the diagnosis and treatment will be recommended. The clinic prides itself in being wholly invested in the recovery of their patients to the point of encouraging their patients to participate in their recovery whole heartedly.


To get a clearer picture of what Physio is about we will be discussing some of the services they offer in their numerous branches all over Tokyo and Japan.


Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a healthcare profession primarily concerned with helping people who have been affected by injury, illness and disability. This is done through exercise, manual therapy as well as education and advice. The Physiotherapy clinic have English speaking therapists who have undergone intensive training in Australia.


The clinic offers sports massage Tokyo along with typical relaxing massages. They also offer massages tailor fitted for pregnant women.


You may also book an appointment for clinical Pilates Tokyo. Classes may be in small groups or individual.


The Tokyo based physiotherapists can run an assessment of your running style to see how you can improve your gait and running posture to be a more proficient runner. The assessment will also give you helpful information as to how you may improve your running in a way that prevents injury. Running seminars are also offered.


The clinic offers coaching for beginner’s looking to do their first triathlon and for intermediate level triathletes looking to take their performance to the next level. To supplement your training the clinic also offer bike fitting to ensure a comfortable cycling experience that improves performance and ride aerodynamics.


The physiotherapy needs of women may slightly differ from men’s. That is why physiotherapy professionsals would like to address women’s needs by offering physiotherapy programs tailor-fitted for women. For expecting mothers the clinic also offers pre and post natal exercises and therapy.

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