The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage should never be confused with the type of massage available at spas and fitness centers. While both are relaxing, massage therapy has specific health and wellness benefits and there are different types of therapeutic massage.

Massage therapy Singapore is an effective treatment for managing pain and treating an extensive array of conditions. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with other therapies. Massage therapy encompasses stretching and cupping, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques and myofascial release. It’s equally effective for treating conditions of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues.

Sports massage Singapore has a variety of physical benefits and is a favorite of professional athletes around the world. It can help patients manage pain associated with injuries, release tension points, maintain and improve joint flexibility, and aid in reducing the potential for future injuries. Massage is an important treatment for preventing disability and maintaining mobility at any age.

Physiotherapists Singapore often utilize massage therapy for rehabilitation and it’s especially effective for individuals that have extensive scar tissue. Those with circulatory problems benefit from massage and it stimulates the lymphatic system that’s responsible for removing toxins from the body and supporting the immune system.

Chronic conditions of the neurological system such as Parkinson’s, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s can be addressed with massage therapy to lessen symptoms. It’s an effective treatment for those with COPD, high blood pressure, diabetes, autism, and stroke patients.

Remedial Massage also has proven benefits for the mind. It relaxes the body and reduces stress that can manifest as migraine headaches, along with pain in the neck, shoulders and back. Those that have undergone the technique experience increased energy levels and improved mental alertness. They have better cognitive abilities and are more productive.

Individuals that receive therapeutic massage experience lower levels of anxiety, depression, and exhibit positive behavioral changes. Massage therapy has been proven to aid individuals engaged in anger management, weight loss and smoking cessation programs.

Massage therapy has an extensive range of mental and physical benefits for the brain, body and neurological system. It relaxes, calms, relieves pain, and aids in preventing future injuries. It has the added advantage of being effective as a stand-alone treatment and can be combined with others for overall health and wellness.