Strive Health & Physiotherapy: An Award Winning Practice in Kirwan


An award winning practice, world-class physiotherapists and a full complement of medical services and physiotherapy services is what patients in Kirwan and the surrounding area will find at Strive Health and Physiotherapy. The innovative practice provides patients with physiotherapy that helps patient relieve pain and maintain mobility, combining it with specialized medical options for a one-stop holistic health and wellness solution.


Strive Health and Physiotherapy features a comprehensive array of preventative healthcare services that includes lifestyle advice and counseling, weight management, and smoking cessation programs. The practice has a focus on preventative measures to assist patients in living well and staying healthy.


Medical services for the entire family are available for every stage of life. Immunizations are essential in the prevention of deadly diseases and those that can cause undue pain and suffering. The practice provides vaccinations (excluding Yellow Fever) and advice for those planning to travel abroad.


Women can avail themselves of family planning counseling and insertion of the Implanon® contraceptive. Men’s health check-ups provide the means to identify problems and risk factors that include high blood pressure and diabetes. The practice conducts a skin cancer clinic and referral services. helps those with heart and blood pressure problems learn more about their condition through 24-hour continuous ECG monitoring and recording. Comprehensive hearing tests are offered, along with lung function testing to determine how well the lungs are performing, at what level of efficiency oxygen is delivered throughout the body, and the strength of breathing muscles.


Individuals with chronic disease will find help at Strive Health and Physiology in managing conditions that include asthma, diabetes and osteoporosis. Medical care can be paired with physiotherapy to create a custom treatment plan that can include home visits, palliative care, nursing home visits and care for the elderly.


Advanced physiotherapy services at Strive Health and Physiotherapy address a multitude of problems, with solutions that are designed to prevent injuries before they happen. The practice’s experts work with patients to restore balance, functionality and mobility through manual manipulation. Stretching, clinical Pilates, acupuncture and prescription exercise are available, along with post-surgical rehabilitation to facilitate outcomes and recoveries.

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