Practiceedge Utilizes Multiple Disciplines for Creating High-Performance Clinician Websites

While there are some excellent templates to be found online, website design entails much more than a prefabricated template. Practiceedge specializes in creating high-performance websites for medical professionals that incorporates multiple elements for increased success.

“The highest performing websites all have specific elements in common,” said Practiceedge founder, Simon Mauger. “We understand the importance of making websites stand out and have the knowledge and expertise to help clinicians achieve their practice goals.”

Medical professionals simply don’t have the time or expertise to treat patients all day and try to create an effective website at night. Practiceedge is committed to understanding each client’s needs, goals and practice to create a website that reflects their philosophy and target market.

The ultimate goal for any clinician’s website is to rank highly in search engine results. Practiceedge does that through a variety of techniques designed to attract the attention of search engines. More than 80 percent of patients perform an online search for the services they need, including medical treatment. Practices that appear on the first page of search results are perceived by patients as more experienced, desirable and reliable.

Practiceedge performs extensive research about the clinician’s business, their target audience and their competition. Responsive website design eliminates the need for a second website that’s friendly for mobile devices. Professional presentation is coupled with easy navigation that encourages visitors to peruse the website.

Consistency in branding is maintained throughout the website and all marketing materials. Keywords, online press releases and social media integration ensure potential patients can find clinicians virtually anywhere they search to promote greater client acquisition and retention.

Links are established to authoritative sites and profile page optimization enhances branding and creates higher visibility. Individuals typically seek medical professionals based on recommendations from friends and family, and those whose name they remember seeing.

Website design by Practiceedge includes page optimization for Google Plus and Google Webmaster tools. With Google analytics, it’s easy for practitioners to know how their website is performing any time of the day or night.

A properly designed website acts as a promotional and marketing tool 24 hours a day. Practiceedge’s founder has extensive experience as a clinician, in software development and marketing strategies that he utilizes to highlight clients online. To help clinicians optimize their online potential, the firm offers a free website and online marketing audit.

For more information, contact Mauger by phone at 03 9712 0723, via email at [email protected]u or visit Practiceedge online.

Revesby Physiotherapists: A Preferred Destination for Patients

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Physiotherapy provides the means to relieve pain, enhance mobility, rehabilitate injuries and address the needs of those with chronic diseases. A Revesby physiotherapist has extensive training in multiple body systems and structures that allow them to provide customized treatment, management and rehabilitation programs for an extensive variety of injuries and conditions.
Therapies may be utilized as stand-alone treatments or in conjunction with other methods. Treatment may include prescription exercise, therapeutic massage, clinical Pilates and dry needling, along with electrostimulation, heat and cryotherapies and dietary supplements. A physiotherapist can provide therapeutic ultrasound, posture correction, and manual manipulation and mobilisation.
The practice treats patients of all ages, from children to the elderly, and offers specialized care for sports-related injuries. Professional athletes around the world utilize the resources available through physiotherapy to enhance their performance and reduce the potential for injuries. Therapies are available for greater balance and stability.
Patients can find relief and healing from injuries, conditions and ailments ranging from arthritis and vehicle accidents to muscle and joint strains. Affordable and discreet custom orthotics can alleviate problems arising from deformities and poor posture to developmental disorders.
Braces, splints and taping help support overtaxed muscles, bones and ligaments and stylish Dr. Comfort footwear can be recommended to alleviate conditions associated with diabetes, work-relates stresses and athletic endeavors. Therapies are available to alleviate the discomforts of pregnancy and breast feeding.
Physiotherapy methods and techniques help restore movement, mitigate pain and rehabilitate a wide range of injuries and chronic conditions. Physiotherapists can provide recommendations on appropriate support bedding, along with proper lifting and carrying techniques.
Physiotherapy works with the body’s own mechanisms to heal and it has an impact on the psyche. Therapies relieve stress and play an integral part in anger management programs. It can be beneficial for those suffering from depression and encourages restorative sleep.
Revesby physiotherapy is a member of the Benchmark Physiotherapy group of practices and a preferred destination for patients requiring physiotherapy services. The practice is located at 11a Maccarthur Avenue in Revesby, NSW and has been serving clients for more than 30 years. The clinic maintains a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.
For more information, call 02 9772 2586 or visit Revesby physiotherapist online.

Physical Healthcare: The Physiotherapy Specialists in Hawthorn

Physical Healthcare began serving patients with physiotherapy services over 17 years ago and quickly expanded to over 12 sites. As the needs of patients increased, a variety of other services were added to reflect the diverse requirements of clients throughout its practice area. Patients can now schedule appointments with a physiotherapist in Hawthorn for the treatment of injuries and rehabilitation of chronic illnesses and surgical interventions.
The clinic provides a hands-on diagnostic and treatment approach coupled with the latest technological advances. Depending upon the needs of the patient, therapies can be used individually or in combination with other methods to create the best outcome for patients. Physiotherapy techniques encompass mobilisation and manual manipulation, therapeutic massage and myotherapy for alleviating pain, maintaining mobility and injury prevention.
Patients have access to the specialized, flowing movements of clinical Pilates to build core and pelvic floor strength. It’s effective for improving balance, preventing falls and enhancing sports performance. Prescription exercise programs are beneficial for treating muscle atrophy, strengthening the back, treating sports injuries, and rehabilitation. All treatments are customized to the patient and their individual needs.
Therapeutic massage is a core physiotherapy treatment. It helps maintain range of motion and mobility, aids in rehabilitation and is especially helpful for patients who have developed scar tissue. Massage is utilized around the globe by world-class athletes to improve sports performance. Therapeutic massage increases circulation, helps eliminate toxins, stimulates the immune system and works with the body’s own healing abilities.
The practice utilizes the Chinese medicinal practice of dry needling to relieve tension and inflammation, promote regeneration and accelerate the healing process. Hydrotherapy employs water to buoy patients and support them while they perform movements that might not otherwise be possible. It relieves pain and stress on joints, and is a valuable tool for facilitating rehabilitation and addressing chronic illnesses.
The clinic offers the services of a podiatrist to treat conditions, injuries and deformities of the foot, along with infections and the effects of chronic disease. The practice’s osteopathic services provide the means to diagnose, treat and manage all types of medical conditions.
A registered dietician provides nutrition information and assists patients who require special diets. The practice’s speech pathologist specializes in assisting children with speech related problems that affect communication, academic performance and social development.
For more information, call 1300 581 625.

Practice Web Design is Skilled in the use of SEO for Medical Sites

practice-website-logoPractice Web Design is a worldwide destination for medical practices that need a new website or require the updating of an existing site. Practice Website Design offers multiple packages and options to accommodate clinicians launching a new practice and practitioners with established businesses.

One of the company’s most highly sought services is search engine optimisation (SEO). The company employs a variety of SEO methods, techniques and strategies that increase client visibility and help them rank higher in search engine results. Some of the methods include:

•    Keywords – Identifying specific keywords and word combinations that potential patients will most likely use when conducting a search guides search engines to websites.
•    Content – Articles and blogs are used to support keywords. The firm provides original, professionally written content and incorporates material submitted by clients.
•    Meta Data – This is comprised of HTML tags that tell search engines what a page is about. They work like a title to define the page.
•    Site Map – These provide search engines with a map as to how pages are laid out and interconnected.
•    Search Verticals – These are comprised of images, videos, mobile options, slideshows and similar features that may be included on a website. They relate back to keywords and content.
•    Social Media – The integration of social media allows clinicians to connect with a diverse pool of individuals, drive traffic to the website, and helps establish the clinic as a source of quality information.

SEO is an essential and effective means of marketing for any practice that want’s to grow. A clinic’s website is often the first opportunity practitioners will have to introduce people to the professionals and services at the facility. A facet of SEO is creating a user-friendly website that’s easy to read and navigate, and provides the critical information for which people are searching.

Creating a winning combination of SEO techniques requires specialized knowledge, experience and a superior level of expertise. Practice Web Design has a long history of providing high-quality websites to those in the medical community and a reputation for getting practices online quickly.

For more information, contact Simon by phone at 03 9712 0723, via email at [email protected] or visit Practice Website Design online.

Cosmetic Dentistry – The Way to Craft a More Beautiful Smile

dentalAs social standards have changed and technology has evolved, cosmetic dentistry has become one of the most requested services by patients. The cosmetic dentist Perth offers multiple methods to assist anyone craft a stunning smile.
Improved preventative care and greater awareness of the importance of oral hygiene has led to healthier teeth overall, but they don’t always come in perfectly and accidents can still mar the aesthetic factor. Cosmetic dentistry encompasses procedures ranging from whitening and straightening to fillings that match tooth color.

Cosmetic dentistry improves appearance and a dentist may utilize a veneer, crown or implant to enhance the look of teeth. While the primary concern for patients may be more pleasing visage, cosmetic methods may also be used to provide stability and support for surrounding teeth, or to maintain facial integrity and contours.

Modern braces are invisible devices that can be removed for eating, cleaning and when participating in sports activities. They align, straighten, and correct overbites and underbites. Modern Invisalign® braces are virtually invisible and no one need know that a person is having their teeth straightened. It’s an element that’s especially important for adolescents, who often object to braces due to embarrassment and the desire not to appear different.
Implants have become a favored option for individuals who have lost a tooth to accident or disease. A dental implant is a prosthetic tooth that looks and functions like a natural tooth. They fill in a gap and stabilize surrounding teeth. They’re typically employed to replace a single tooth, but an increasing number of older individuals are choosing implants over dentures.

A veneer performs a function similar to an implant in that it fills in where a tooth has been lost, but it fits over a natural tooth for protection. It preserves the integrity of the patient’s smile and is applicable when a tooth has been damaged or is misshaped. Veneers can also be created to fit over a gap that a person has between their front teeth.
Some people prefer a crown to protect a damaged tooth. It completely covers the tooth to strengthen and protect it from further damage when a large cavity or other trauma is present. It supports surrounding teeth, maintains bite integrity and allows patients to maintain their smile.

Modern techniques and technology allows anyone to obtain a beautiful smile no matter what their age. It’s never too late for an individual to correct dental flaws and create the pleasing smile they’ve always wanted, allowing them to meet the world with confidence.
For more information, call 08 9343 5900. Our service area – Alexander Heights, Ballajura, Mangaroo

Total Physiocare has Clinical Pilates for Pregnancy, Pain & Injury

Gymnastics Pilates.Clinical Pilates offered at Total Physiocare performs three primary functions. Sessions assist patients with pain from a current or previous injury, reduces the risk of future pain and injury, and improves overall fitness. Clinical Pilates is beneficial for those with pain, injuries and pregnant women. The clinic maintains a fully equipped Pilates studio to meet the wide ranging needs and goals of patients.
Individual and group sessions are available. Clinical Pilates is effective as a tool for general fitness and addresses a wide range of conditions, from pain and injuries to chronic diseases. Clinical Pilates can be performed with or without special equipment, and in a prone or upright position.

Pain in one area of the body profoundly affects other locations, especially the stabilizing muscles of the spine. Even after injuries have healed and pain has abated, muscles at deeper levels may not return to normal and can remain weak. Clinical Pilates strengthens muscles in multiple areas, with a focus on the core and pelvic floor that extends to the spine for balance and stability.

Clinical Pilates helps retrain the body in the proper way to move. Many patients favor the area where an injury has occurred or where pain is present. The behavior places additional stress on other areas of the body. The exercises of clinical Pilates place the body in normal alignment. Clinical Pilates is utilized around the world by world-class athletes to improve their agility and overall performance.
Customized Clinical Pilates sessions are safe for pregnant women and are effective in addressing pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding. It builds core and pelvic strength in preparation for birth and retrains the pelvic flooring following delivery. It can be used in conjunction with other therapies to aid those experiencing incontinence issues.

Total Physiocare also offers a 6-Week Better Back Program, specially designed for anyone experiencing back pain from multiple sources. It’s customized to the ability level of the individual and is appropriate for pain and injuries of the neck, hip and shoulder.
For more information, call 03 9457 7474 or visit Total Physiocare online.

How Does Physiotherapy Care Help Sports Athletes And Players?


Physiotherapy has been in use since time immemorial, but it was not that popular then because it was considered as an alternative treatment. Many accidents happen to our sportsmen nowadays, which make them to suffer from different injuries. The good thing is that the injuries affect areas that can easily be treated through physiotherapy. When the joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons are affected, there is no need of buying drugs for athlete because the point of the injury can be manipulated through physiotherapy. The main aim of sports physiotherapists is to help the athletes and players to accomplished ideal levels with their bodies. With the treatment, the health of the joints, bones and muscles is restored. Try our services of physiotherapy in Eatons Hill and see what we have to offer.


Sports people usually prefer physiotherapy to drug related treatment because they also fear that they may fail drug tests when they want to compete in the major sports activities. You may never know what the drugs are made of, and if a chemical component is found in the sample, the sports person will be at pains to explain the results. The best remedy for their conditions then rests on physiotherapy, which will not have side effects, and will never put them on the wrong side of the law.


At Action Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre, we concentrate more on weak muscles and apply pressure in moderation not to worsen the situation. It is usually our idea as the sports physiotherapists to push the players to their optimum potentials when still working hard to keep injuries at bay. We are very dedicated in offering our patients the best and making them realize their dreams. It is also the job of the sports physiotherapist to educate the athletes and the players on the basic requirement to lead a healthy life. We educate them on diet and the far that push their training ability.


Athletes and other sports persons can get ample information on how to take care of their bodies at Action Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre

All about Chiropractic Care


When some people experience back pains, neck pains and headaches, they tend to ignore it and brush it off as the effects of the previous day’s work. They result to taking painkillers not knowing that the troubles can be more serious to an extent that they can make them be hospitalized. It is prudent to pay the doctor a visit when such a condition occurs. This kind of disorder requires a chiropractor who will check you up to determine the extent of your health problem. Chiropractic is the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal system disorder. The treatment involves checking the effects to see if they can be prevented and then the treatment of the ailment. It is easy to get chiropractic care in Melbourne but you have to ascertain that the chiropractor you go for meets all the required conditions.


Chiropractic can be grouped into two sections, which are complementary and alternative medicine. It is more like specializing in a medical specialty like dentistry. The difference is that it has different attributes that touches on provision of primary health care. The complexity of chiropractic is that one has to work with different strategies and ideas. You need to select a chiropractor that can be depended on, one who will come up with effective treatment.


You may wonder what a chiropractor does. A condition that requires the attention of a chiropractor can be treated using non-surgical options and organic treatment too. The aim is to boost the overall functioning of the body, while at the same time determining the cause of the headaches, neck and back pains. A Chiropractor is able to treat conditions that are associated nerves and the spine. The treatment is done through spinal manipulation.


While in Melbourne and you require chiropractic services, Diskin Life should be your next stop. Led by Dr. Ari Diskin, the services provided here are comparable to none. The Healthy Life Doctor of Chiropractic has more than 28 years of experience in this profession, which is one of the main requirements that you should check when choosing a Chiropractor. The dedicated team of professionals who work under Dr. Ari have enough experience and talent to make you feel accepted as they take you through the treatment.

Strive Health & Physiotherapy: An Award Winning Practice in Kirwan


An award winning practice, world-class physiotherapists and a full complement of medical services and physiotherapy services is what patients in Kirwan and the surrounding area will find at Strive Health and Physiotherapy. The innovative practice provides patients with physiotherapy that helps patient relieve pain and maintain mobility, combining it with specialized medical options for a one-stop holistic health and wellness solution.


Strive Health and Physiotherapy features a comprehensive array of preventative healthcare services that includes lifestyle advice and counseling, weight management, and smoking cessation programs. The practice has a focus on preventative measures to assist patients in living well and staying healthy.


Medical services for the entire family are available for every stage of life. Immunizations are essential in the prevention of deadly diseases and those that can cause undue pain and suffering. The practice provides vaccinations (excluding Yellow Fever) and advice for those planning to travel abroad.


Women can avail themselves of family planning counseling and insertion of the Implanon® contraceptive. Men’s health check-ups provide the means to identify problems and risk factors that include high blood pressure and diabetes. The practice conducts a skin cancer clinic and referral services. helps those with heart and blood pressure problems learn more about their condition through 24-hour continuous ECG monitoring and recording. Comprehensive hearing tests are offered, along with lung function testing to determine how well the lungs are performing, at what level of efficiency oxygen is delivered throughout the body, and the strength of breathing muscles.


Individuals with chronic disease will find help at Strive Health and Physiology in managing conditions that include asthma, diabetes and osteoporosis. Medical care can be paired with physiotherapy to create a custom treatment plan that can include home visits, palliative care, nursing home visits and care for the elderly.


Advanced physiotherapy services at Strive Health and Physiotherapy address a multitude of problems, with solutions that are designed to prevent injuries before they happen. The practice’s experts work with patients to restore balance, functionality and mobility through manual manipulation. Stretching, clinical Pilates, acupuncture and prescription exercise are available, along with post-surgical rehabilitation to facilitate outcomes and recoveries.



Anti-wrinkle Injection in Melbourne | What you need to know

Are you interested in anti-aging injections in Melbourne? What for? Aging gracefully is something to be proud about. There is something warm and charming about a wrinkle laden face—just as long as it isn’t yours. How many of us have wanted to keep the grace? Not so much the aging. Well, thanks to the technological advances in cosmetics for the last decade or so the battle scars or marks no longer need to serve as an advance party announcing our “wisdom” and “advanced” knowledge.


Anti-wrinkle treatments abound in all cosmetic clinics all over Australia. Some treatments like fillers and fraxel laser treatment eliminate wrinkles by lifting the skin and “filling” the underside of the skin to smooth out wrinkles and make skin look taut. In the case of anti-wrinkle injections, typically using a modified form of the botulinum toxin, the toxin signals the wrinkle causing muscles to stop contracting. Since the muscles don’t contract, the skin becomes relaxed and is no longer “wrinkled” because of lack of activity of the muscle underneath.


Anti-wrinkle injections are currently one of the more preferred methods of smoothing wrinkles. The reason behind that is because the injection has an almost instant effect. Another advantage is the lack of down time and the relative convenience of having your skin injected as opposed to getting a facelift procedure for example. You will need a single treatment only every 4 to 6 months. The great thing about anti-wrinkle injections is that these treatments have no accumulative effective. Meaning you don’t need to worry about going too far or ending up with a misshapen face the longer you use it.


The wrinkles that are to be treated are identified in a different appointment ahead of time. Once the wrinkles are determined, the muscles corresponding to those wrinkles will also be identified. These muscles are will be the ones specifically targeted for injection of the anti-wrinkle serum.


Like all cosmetic procedures you must also be wary of the risks involved in anti-wrinkle injections. Be sure to consult only with licensed professionals and reputable clinics to avoid any irreversible damage to your health. Some risks include:

  • Headache
  • Mild flu-like symptoms
  • Bruising from the injection itself
  • Eyelid drooping
  • Facial pain
  • Eyelid twitching
  • Weakness around the surround muscles

These side-effects however are temporary and should be gone in a couple of days if not hours.

If you are interested to Renew your youthful looks and glow maybe it’s time set an appointment with your health care provider.

Breast Enlargement Surgery

Breast Enlargement Surgery | The Basics

If you look up searches on google with the words “Breast enlargement surgery Melbourne” quite a lot of hits would come up. Breast enlargement surgery is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedure in Australia and in the world. The information below is designed to provide straightforward and easy to access information to enable the patient to make wise decisions about their enlargement procedure.



The range of devices used for plastic surgery has increased dramatically over the years. There are now different options to consider like the shape of the implant, the kind of insertion and even the texture of the implants. That is why it is important to know exactly what you want and to communicate it effectively to your surgeon. Having pictures of the kind of look you are going for will give your surgeon a better picture of what kind of implants you want.


Implants no longer just come in big or bigger varieties. Nowadays anybody who wants to have their breasts enlarge will have quite a lot of choices to choose from.

  • FILL: You can choose from either Saline Implants or the technological advanced Cohesive Gel-filled Implants (a sure improvement from the original problematic Silicone Gel Implants). Saline implants have the advantage of being more flexible and will thus require a smaller incision to insert in to the breast as compared to Cohesive Gel-filled implants. The Gel-filled implants however keep their shape better and look more natural.
  • IMPLANT SHAPE: Implants shapes are broadly categorized into Round implants and Anatomical Implants. The anatomical implants are named so because their tear drop shape effectively mimics the natural shape of the breast. Round implants are more common, mainly because the technical difficulty of inserting anatomical implants, and can be distinguished by its characteristic fuller upper pole.
  • TEXTURE: Implants can either be textured or smooth. Tear-shaped implants are commonly textured so that they can stay in place and avoid awkward looking breast shapes.



Implants may be implanted directly behind the breast or under the Pectoralis muscle. Inserting the implants right behind the muscle will make it more stable and may actually improve the shape of rounded implants but will also make post-operative recovery more painful (as the surgeon will be cutting through some of your muscles).



  • INFRAMAMMARY FOLD INCISION: Cutting on the underside of the breast
  • AXILLARY: An incision is made on the top part of the armpit, right where the hair bearing skin of the armpit meets with your breasts.
  • AREOLA: A cut is made on the underside of the areola aka the nipple.
  • UMBILICAL INCISION: Saline-filled implants can actually be inserted through an incision on the belly button.



The most important factor in breast enlargement surgery is the size and arguably the most challenging decision that the patient and the doctor have to make together. Quite a number of women go back to theatre not because there was something wrong with the operation but because they feel that the implants they picked were the wrong size.



Most women’s breasts have a natural degree of asymmetry and the same should be expected after you’ve had your implants done.



Despite the procedure being cosmetic in nature breast surgery is still surgery and should be approached as such. Pre-operative preparation and post-operative care should be observed and while most surgeries are uneventful the patient should make sure to watch out for signs of infection.

To make sure that your breast enlargement procedure goes smoothly go to a reputable clinic like Ashton Plastic Surgery in Melbourne.

The Basics of Myotherapy


Clinical Myotherapy is a branch of manual medicine that addresses conditions that cause pain to the musculoskeletal system. Besides the muscles and the bones included under the umbrella of myotherapy are issues concerning the joints, fascia, ligaments, tendons and the nerves. Clinical myotherapy provides a multi-faceted approach to pain management and recovery.



Myotherapists usually use a combination of physical therapy modalities mentioned below to manage the pain of the patient.


Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft tissue therapy such as therapeutic massage, myofascial release techniques and trigger point therapy uses the hand to target specific areas to produce a therapeutic outcome.


Temperature Therapy

Whether thermal therapy (hot) or cryotherapy (cold) the goal of temperature therapy is to apply various temperatures to a targeted area to either ease the pain or reduce swelling.


Electromechanical Stimulation

Modalities like TENS therapy, therapeutic ultrasound and low level laser therapy can be used to manage the pain of the patient and provide and analgesic outcome. This is done through the use of electronic currents or soundwaves.


Myofascial Dry Needling

Dry needling is a modality similar to acupuncture that targets “trigger points” to deactivate the pain cycle and in effect managing the patient’s pain.



Frozen Shoulder

The bones, ligaments and tendons of your shoulder are covered by a “capsule” of connective tissue. When this capsule thickens or tightens it is what is referred to as a “frozen shoulder”. Although there is no definite reason as to why this happens, it can be related to lack of movement of the shoulder such as after surgery. Clinical myotherapy is effective for the management of frozen shoulders. The aim of myotherapy is to ease the pain caused by the condition and to gradually increase range of mobility of the shoulder. This is done through myofascial release, dry needling, shoulder mobilization and corrective exercises.


Tension headaches

Quite a lot of people use clinical myotherapy to alleviate chronic headache and migraines. This is because a lot of times chronic headaches and migraine can actually be caused by muscular tension on the head and shoulders. To address this mytherapists will employ different physical therapy techniques such as myofascial release and heat and ice therapy.



Sciatica occurs when a dislocated disc or bone spur on the spine compresses the sciatic nerve. The result is radiating pain on one side of the body along the path of the compressed sciatic nerve. Common symptoms are pain, inflammation and numbness on the affected leg. Myotherapy can relieve the pressure on the sciatic nerve through corrective exercises and by identifying abnormal muscle contracture that may be compressing the nerve.


Other Conditions that Can Benefit from Myotherapy

  • Strains, sprains and cramps
  • Tendonitis
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Scoliosis
  • Sporting Injuries


For more information about the benefits of myotherapy you may contact Body Focus Myotherapy to set an appointment.

Benefits of Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy in Sydney, has become such an integral part of medical treatment and rehabilitation. This comes as no surprise however as there is good reason why. Here are some of the benefits of physiotherapy.



The main objective of undergoing physiotherapy is to eventually restore the normal physical functions of the patient. In the event that complete restoration is unlikely, physiotherapists can work with the patient to teach the patient to adapt to his current state and be as functionally independent as physically possible.


Quite a number of conditions can be made easier by physiotherapy. Whether it be a sport injury or a neurological condition, physiotherapy can improve the patient’s condition more often than not.



Pain treatment may also be accomplished using physiotherapy. A physiotherapist may relieve pain using either passive or active therapy. Examples for passive therapy are ice or heat packs, ultrasound and electrothermal therapy. Included in active therapy are stretching, pain relief exercises, low impact aerobic exercises and strength training.


The only downside to this is that usually the pain relief is temporary. These therapies should be viewed similarly to pain relievers since they are cannot entirely eliminate the pain unless the root cause is resolved. The main purpose of pain therapies is to reduce pain enough so than you can continue on with your program.



It is no secret that physiotherapy helps tremendously with the management of certain diseases. It is especially for those that have chronic illnesses that have a debilitating effect on the afflicted. In the case of neurological disorders for example like paralyzing strokes, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease physiotherapy is invaluable in the management of these conditions. Physiotherapy may also enable children with cerebral palsy to be as functionally independent as possible. Patients with cardiovascular and pulmonary problems also benefit from physiotherapy through programs and exercises that improve endurance and stamina.


In conditions that cause a deterioration of physical ability, musculoskeletal impairment and even paralysis, physiotherapy is both crucial and invaluable. In that, it can correct these issues or teach the patient to adapt to the situation if necessary.



Ask anybody and they would tell you that they would rather spend money preventing an injury than have to suffer through and pay the same amount—if not more. Physiotherapist can assess you for proper gait and form to correct any postural problems that may increase your risk of injury. Bike and equipment fitting is also available to make sure that the machines you use for working out or for sport will be the best fit and again, avoid injury.



Some physiotherapy clinics and sports physiotherapists will offer programs to keep you at your best shape. The programs will be tailor fitted to you, you goals, your body and your sport of choice. There are clinics that even offer triathalon or marathon training and coaching.

For more information visit our G+ page

Services Offered at QV Physiotherapy


With so many options it can be a challenge to choose a physiotherapist in Melbourne. For reliable professionals with extensive experience you may want to visit QV Physiotherapy. Right in the heart of the city, QV Physiotherapy offers a variety of services in 30 minute sessions that are all designed to give the patient maximum care and attention. Here are some of the services offered at QV Physiotherapy.



Manual therapy is usually used to treat musculoskeletal pain and disability. This hands-on technique commonly involves kneading of the muscles, joint mobilization and joint manipulation. Manual therapy is commonly divided in to three categories: massages, manipulation and mobilization. A massage is basically repetitive rubbing or kneading of the myofascial tissues to improve circulation. Manipulation is the science of applying sheer and rotational force on joints. It is often associated with “popping” sounds. These sounds are created by bursting gas bubbles that form in the joint cavitations. Mobilization is much gentler and is the clinical equivalent of stretching. Joints and myofascial (soft tissue) are stretched to improve bio-mechanical elasticity. QV Physiotherapy offers the following manual therapy options:

  • Mobilisation
  • Manipulation
  • Massage
  • Stretching
  • Trigger Points Therapy
  • Myofascial Release
  • Muscle Re-education



Dry needling involves inserting a filiform needle (used for acupuncture) or a hollow hypodermic needle into the skin and muscle directly onto a “trigger point”. There are two ways to treat trigger points. One involves inserting a local anesthetic onto the trigger point and the other involves mechanical, and therefore “dry”, pressure. Trigger points contain “contraction knots” that contribute to the production and maintenance of the pain cycle. Although the mechanisms are not well studied and certain, dry needling seems to alleviate pain by treating trigger points.



Electrotherapy refers to the use of increase energy to assist the body’s natural healing response and pain reduction. The energy used may be electrical, sound, magnetic, light and temperature. This type of therapy has short short-term benefits and will provide the greatest benefit when it is used as an adjunct of an already existing physiotherapy program. This is to say that electrotherapy is not a solution in itself but rather it reduces pain and inflammation to allow the patient to continue with his physiotherapy program. QV Physiotherapy uses ultrasound to relieve pain and swelling.



Physiotherapy rehabilitation aims to restore a patient’s functional independence so that they may be fully integrated into the work, activities and lifestyle that they are used to. The goal is to help a patient to be able to live life with very little to no physical assistance, whether at home, work or leisure. In rehabilitation it is also the physiotherapist’s responsibility to focus on the patient’s own goals to improve any disability and encourage the patient along until the goal is achieved. At QV Physiotherapy they have quite the repertoire for rehabilitation:

  • Muscle Strengthening
  • Conditioning Programs
  • Stretching Programs
  • Core Training and Pilates
  • Balance Retraining
  • Pliometrics
  • Fitball
  • Post-surgical Strengthening

Services Offered At Melbourne Podiatrist


There has been recent increase in the demand for clinics that offer podiatry, Sandringham, fortunately for those who live nearby, has one of the best practices in town. To provide a run through here are the services that Melbourne Podiatrist’s Sandringham clinic has to offer.



Sports Podiatry is primarily concerned in two areas: foot and lower limb overuse injuries and mechanical performance enhancement. The podiatrists at Melbourne Podiatrist are trained to assess the way you move to check and look out for potential problems. Correcting these biomechanical problems could reduce the risk of injury markedly. In the case of overuse injuries, the problem is often caused by a combination of over exertion and imbalance due to bad biomechanical form. The podiatrist will determine the cause of the imbalance and recommend a suitable therapeutic program.



A child learning how to walk receives important sensory messages from his feet. Shoes, especially ones with hard soles may interfere with your child’s development especially in his coordination, posture and balance. If you are concerned about your children having flat feet, feet that turn either inwards or outwards it is important to note that most of these issues will resolve themselves as the child grows older. If that is not the case with your child you may want to seek the consult of a podiatrist.



Orthotics, sometimes referred to as orthoses, are medical devices that are put inside your shoe to correct some problems you may have with your feet. Their work is mainly to support the arches of your feet, which in turn will correct any biomechanical problem such as pronation or supination. Most high end orthotics are custom fitted to tailor to your feet. This is important as everybody’s feet are different and a customized pair of orthotics would do a better job at correcting your issues. However for those who are looking for value for their money pre-fabricated orthoses that can be adjusted are also available. To get the soundest advice regarding orthotics it is best to consult a podiatrist.



A series of acoustic waves is applied onto any injured part of the body. The acoustic waves then stimulate a healing response from your body. Radial Extra Corporeal Shockwave Therapy (RSWT) has been found to increase blood circulation in the targeted area as well as increased metabolism and blood vessel development. This in turn improves the speed of healing by stimulating cell development. Shockwave therapy has been found to be equally effective in podiatric injuries and you should head over to Melbourne Podiatrist to try it.



Ingrown nails, especially recurring ones, are such a pain to deal with. At Melbourne Podiatrist you can avoid getting painful ingrown toe nails by either having your nails trimmed correctly or getting corrective nail surgery. Podiatrists at Melbourne Podiatrist can trim your toe nails on a regular basis so as to avoid the development of toe nails. However, if you have noticed that the ingrown nails keeps recurring despite regular trimming maybe it’s time to undergo corrective nail surgery. Corrective nail surgery shapes the toe nail in a way that prevents ingrown nails and destroys the base of the offending area of the nail.



If you are suffering from painful heels you may be suffering from plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis happens when stress and damage causes the ligament running from your heel to the ball of your foot to be inflamed and painful. The leading cause of plantar fasciitis is pronation. The abnormal rolling in at the ankle causes stress to the ligament. The symptoms may be exacerbated by wearing poor quality shoes and being overweight. To treat the condition, a podiatrist will assess the cause of your heel pain and build a treatment program around that.



Video gait analysis allows your podiatrist to assess the soundness of your biomechanics. This is done by assessing your movements such as walking, running and jogging through video. After the assessment an appropriate treatment plan will be drafted for you if the analysis identifies anomalies.

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