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When it comes to physiotherapy Adelaide has quite a number of options. If you are currently looking into trying out physiotherapy out of curiosity or because your physician prescribed it, you may start looking at North Adelaide Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is a kind of treatment you may need when health problems or medical procedures make it hard for you to move around or attend to your normal daily functions. The practice is focused on helping you move better. Religious practice and compliance of physiotherapy programs may alleviate pain caused by injury or illness. Your physician may also suggest you undergo physiotherapy for long term health problems like arthritis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This therapy may be used alone or as an adjunct to other treatments. At North Adelaide Physiotherapy their qualified team of physiotherapists offers services in the North Adelaide area as well as in the surrounding suburbs (Medindie, Medindie Gardens, Prospect and Walkerville). To give you a quick rundown here are some of the services that they offer.




The team at North Adelaide Physiotherapy they offer a wide variety of treatments and services that will be able to address the needs of every patient. To identify which treatments may be best for the patient a physiotherapist will first asses what the cause of the problem is, where the pain is radiating from and what is causing it. Treatments will differ depending on the presenting condition of the patient. In general the patient can expect a combination of any of the techniques in the following list:

  • Mobilisation therapy (Joint or Spine)
  • Postural Advice
  • Exercise Programs
  • Physical Training Programs
  • Pilates Conditioning Progams
  • Walking and Running Retraining




North Adelaide Physiotherapy has qualified sport physiotherapists and their clinic is equipped with the latest in digital gait and spinal scanning technology. The physiotherapy practice insists on providing their patients with the best of care which includes being able to diagnose and assess patients successfully. North Adelaide Physiotherapy works closely with many sports throughout Adelaide so you can be sure that you are getting help from experienced therapists. The therapists at North Adelaide have also been trained to diagnose and manage a range of sports injuries and as such, they have a very broad knowledge of sport related injuries. They even offer a 7 Day Emergency Service so that they can address your physiotherapy needs at the soonest possible time.




Orthotics is a type of arch support designed to alleviate or prevent pain on the foot, calves, legs and even your lower back. They can be made of plastic or rubber and are placed on the inside of your footwear right under the arch of your foot. After undergoing initial assessment and gait scans you will be prescribed with custom made orthotics to encourage a more functionally effective position. For a more in depth discussion of their services your can look up North Adelaide Physiotherapy online.

TOKYO PHYSIO | The Leading Physiotherapy Clinic in Japan


In Tokyo physiotherapy is gaining popularity especially in athletes. For more than a decade now, Tokyo Physio has been the leading physiotherapy clinic in Tokyo. This doesn’t come as a surprise as they have state of the art equipment and excellent service that extends even to their patient’s homes through online home rehabilitation materials. They have native English speaking therapists who have been trained in the best physiotherapy universities in Australia which is regarded as a world leader in physiotherapy research and development. Their native English speaking therapists are probably the reason why for so many years now Tokyo Physio has been the preferred sports physio clinic of expatriates and athletes.


Sessions in Tokyo Physio are always one-to-one. This is to ensure that the patient will get the undivided attention of the therapist. Each booked session lasts an hour. In every initial session the history of the patient will be taken and the diagnosis and treatment will be recommended. Tokyo Physio prides itself in being wholly invested in the recovery of their patients to the point of encouraging their patients to participate in their recovery whole heartedly.



To get a clearer picture of what Tokyo Physio is about we will be discussing some of the services they offer in their numerous branches all over Tokyo and Japan. To add, they have also opened a branch in Singapore called Singapore Physio.



Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a healthcare profession primarily concerned with helping people who have been affected by injury, illness and disability. This is done through exercise, manual therapy as well as education and advice. At Tokyo Physio they have English speaking therapists who have undergone intensive training in Australia.



The clinic offers sports massages along with typical relaxing massages. They also offer massages tailor fitted for pregnant women.



You may also book an appointment for Pilates classes. Classes may be in small groups or individual.



Tokyo Physio can run an assessment of your running style to see how you can improve your gait and running posture to be a more proficient runner. The assessment will also give you helpful information as to how you may improve your running in a way that prevents injury. Tokyo Physio also offers running seminars.



The clinic offers coaching for beginner’s looking to do their first triathlon and for intermediate level triathletes looking to take their performance to the next level. To supplement your training the clinic also offer bike fitting to ensure a comfortable cycling experience that improves performance and ride aerodynamics.



The physiotherapy needs of women may slightly differ from men’s. That is why Tokyo Physio would like to address women’s needs by offering physiotherapy programs tailor-fitted for women. For expecting mothers the clinic also offers pre and post natal exercises and therapy.



Tokyo Physio has developed a program that promises a pain free and stronger back in just 4 weeks.

To book an appointment head over to

FOOTINJURY CLINIC | Podiatry Practices in the Bondi Junction Area


If you are looking for clinics that offer podiatry Bondi Junction may have what you are looking for. Footinjuryclinic is a reputable practice with lots of experience with all kinds of injuries of the lower legs and feet. Below is a summary of the services offered by the clinc:



Pinpointe™ Footlaser™ is the first clinical proven laser device for the treatment of nail fungus. Medically referred to as onychomychosis, nail fungi grow on the inside and underside of the nail making it difficult to access my other medical means such as using ointments and topical treatment. Removing the nail altogether is another option but is often quite painful and debilitating. Pinpointe™ Footlaser™ has the ability to penetrate the nail and vaporize the fungus from the inside without destroying other tissues.



The footinjuryclinic has recently installed the latest CAD/CAM system for designing and manufacturing orthotics. Orthotics are medical devices that correct a multitude of foot problems such as pronation, supination or to support the arch of the foot. Compared to the traditional way of using casts to measure your feet, the CAD/CAM system uses a sophisticated machine with thousands of sensors to be able to produce digital information regarding mold of your feet. This means no more discomfort from sticky plasters and your orthotics may be prepared within the day. Footinjuryclinic also provides pressure relief orthotics, pre-fabricated orthotics and custom made orthotics.



Heel pain is most commonly associated with plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. In plantar fasciitis the ligament that connects the heel to the ball of your foot is inflamed and causes pain especially in the morning or after long periods of rest (walking around “massages” the ligament so the pain is not as pronounced). Heel spurs are boney grows beneath the heel bone that cause pain and discomfort on your heel. Footinjuryclinic has state of the art video gait analysis, pressure fluoro scopes, and x-rays to aide your diagnosis. After diagnosis your podiatrist will recommend a combination of medical and home therapy methods to help with the pain.



Footinjuryclinic offers podiatric biomechanics and gait analysis. Gait analysis is the systematic study of human motion. It is used to assess and treat individuals who have difficulty walking or running. Biomechanical examinations involve taking measurements of the feet and the legs in different positions as well as checking movements while running and walking. Footinjuryclinic has a specialized gait analysis room complete with a 20 meter walkway, treadmill, slow motions replays of video gait analysis via Videotrak and a fluoroscope pressure plate to determine areas of your feet that are continuously subjected to high impact and load.



Issues such as flat-feet, pronation and supination are common in young children as the muscles and ligaments of their feet have not yet fully developed. However, if you are concerned about your child’s gait and mobility it is wise to consult a podiatrist to have your child assessed.



To remove recurring ingrown toe nails once and for all, footinjuryclinic offers nail surgery. A minor surgery that treats ingrown toe nails at the base and prevents the offending part of the nail from growing and digging into the flesh.



As Diabetes progresses, it becomes harder and harder for the body to distribute nutrition properly. As a consequence, extremities like the feet get very little nourishment and as a consequence will deteriorate in time. To avoid amputation, podiatrists and a team of health care professionals must be consulted to prevent circumstances that will lead to amputation.